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01/12/1992 Back to top

Disputes over Parity in Pay and Annual Leave

Annual leave and public holidays

Disputes that arise from Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Procedures

Mixing Pay and Fringe Benefits fo Motivate Staff

Fringe Benefits - General

The Labour Court and Independent Contractors

Work Practices
01/11/1992 Back to top

Claims About Allowances and Special Payments


Repetitive Strain Injury - Old Disorder, New Name Part I, II and III

Health and Safety

The Workplace Battle of Smokers v. Non Smokers

H & S - risk management

Welfare Implications of Industrial Disputes

Trade Disputes
01/10/1992 Back to top

Giving Employees Feedback on their Performance

Employment Incentives

Stress is not an Occupational Phenomenon

Health and safety
01/09/1992 Back to top

Collective Redundancies Directive Amended


Employers Liability - A Big Concern to Companies

Employer Liability

Hepatitis B as an Occupational Hazard

Health and Safety

How Court is Responding to Claims about PESP

Wage Rounds - PESP

Performance Related Pay in the Public Service

Public Sector

The Changing Face of Apprenticeship in Ireland

01/08/1992 Back to top

Outplacement: Managing Redundancy in the UK


Outplacement: Redundancy's Silver Lining


Restraint of Trade - Striking a Balance?

Confidentiality / Secrecy - Investments and Patents

Secret Balloting Becomes Mandatory Record Religious Discrimination Damages in NI

Industrial Relations

Sick Pay Schemes The Questions That Arise

Sick Pay

Social Welfare Tribunal

Trade Disputes
01/07/1992 Back to top

Employment Contracts may be Wider than Thought

Contracts of Employment

The Crucial Role of Accurate Job Descriptions

Recruitment and Selection

When Violence Breaks Out on the Picket Line

Trade Disputes
01/06/1992 Back to top

Employers Can Win Accident Cases!

Employer Liability

ISO 9000 Standards are the Stamp of Quality - Part I The Quality Mark: What it is and how to get it - Part II

Work Practices

Pregnancy Illness and Promotion Prospects

Maternity leave
01/05/1992 Back to top

Recognition and Rights: Principle V. Practice

Trade Union Recognition

The Law on Working Time, Overtime and Overwork

Employment Equality
01/04/1992 Back to top

Enter the Exit Interview: Making the Most of it

Recruitment and Selection

Pitfalls of Searching Staff Outside Workplaces

Right to Search

Problems over Rationalisation / Reorganisation


The IR Act in Practice: A 21 Month Review

Industrial Relations

Unemployment Benefit and Redundancy New Ground Rule in Social Welfare Act

Social Welfare

Volkswagen Takes Works Council Initiative - Part I and II

Works Councils

Working Alone: The Safety and Legality Angles

Health and safety
01/03/1992 Back to top

Disputes about Overtime and how it is Applied


Security Staff Should be Selected with Care

Recruitment and Selection

When Security Personnel Have to be Dismisses

01/02/1992 Back to top

Claims about Bonus and Productivity Schemes


Government Should Rethink Blow to Share Plans

Profit sharing

Health and Social Services Sector Survey

Health and Safety

Major New European Award Scheme for Quality

Managing Change

Performance-Related Pay: The British Experience

Performance Appraisal

The Law and Workplace Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary Procedures
01/01/1992 Back to top

Benefits of Profit Sharing and Share Option Schemes

Profit sharing

Payment of Wages Act now in Force

Payment of wages

Rights Commissioners: Large Increase in Appeals

Industrial Relations

The Growth of Trade Unions

Industrial Relations

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