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01/12/1993 Back to top

Further Claims Over Transfer and Redeployment IR DataBank - Labour Court Vol 12, Issue 275, Dec 93

Disturbance Compensation

ICTU Puts Job Security at the Top of its Agenda

National Agreements

Putting Change into Effect After Redundancies

01/11/1993 Back to top

Employee Ownership - The Employer Viewpoint

Profit Sharing

Handling the After Effects of Rationalisation


When Overtime Gives Rise to Industrial Trouble

01/10/1993 Back to top

Discriminatory Advertising and How to Avoid it

Recruitment and Selection

Industrial Relations: A Plain Person's Guide

Industrial Relations

Local Bargaining Issues Still In Contention

Wage Rounds - PESP

"No Grounds for Complacency" on Workplace Deaths

Health and safety

"No Paid Leve Due" for Brussels Union Seminar

Industrial Relations
01/09/1993 Back to top

Business Reorganisation: More Legal Implications


Claims Relating to Selection for Redundancy


Dispute Over Redundancy Compensation Deals


How to Deal with the Problem Drinker - Part I and II

Employee Welfare

Pension Schemes: Draft Regulations on Member Trustees

01/08/1993 Back to top

Claims about Staff Appointments and Promotions

Recruitment and Selection

IAPF 1992 Benefits Survey Show Improving Trends


Managaement of Change - The Unions' Perspective

Managing Change
01/07/1993 Back to top

Claims about Disturbance Compensation Persist

Disturbance Compensation

Commissioner Flynn on Working Time Directive

Working Time

Management of Change - An Employer Perspective

Managing Change

Management of Change: An Employer Perspective The Unions Perspective

New Patterns of Work

New Forms of Work Organisation Backed by ICTU

Work Practices

Reporting of Deaths, Injuries, Dangerour Mishaps

Health and safety

The Competition Act and Employee Agreements

Confidentiality / Secrecy - Investments and Patents

The Ultimate Objective of Absence Control


When Lay-Offs Give Rise to Industrial Problems

Lay-off and Short-time
01/06/1993 Back to top

Big Surge in UK's Profit Related Pay Schemes

Profit Sharing

Managers now Stressed by Trauma of Job Cutting

Health and safety

The Competition Act and Employee Agreements

Confidentiality / Secrecy - Investments and Patents
01/05/1993 Back to top

All VDU Staff Must now get Eye and Sight Tests

H & S - risk management

Internal Communications - The Written Word


Miscellaneous Compensation Claims


Rights Commissioner: Payment of Wages Act

Payment of Wages

Stress has become a Twentieth Century Epidemic

H & S - risk management

The World's Trade Unions are Under Big Pressure

Trade Union Membership
01/04/1993 Back to top

Claims Relating to Shift Work and Shift Premia

Shift Work

Employers Insolvency - Easing the Pressure


How To Deal With Grave Breaches Of Discipline

Disciplinary Procedures

Latest "Bright Ideas" Scheme May be Worth 1/2m

Reward and Recognition

"Officers" and "Workers": How they Differ in Law

Industrial Relations
01/03/1993 Back to top

Acquired Rights Law to Cover Sub-Contracting

Employment Law

Dealing With More Claims Over Local Barganing I and II

Wage Rounds - PESP

How To Deal With The Disobedient Employee

Disciplinary Procedures

Human Resources Recruiting Graduates in a Buyers' Job Market

Recruitment and Selection

Training and Information on Health and Safety

Health and safety
01/02/1993 Back to top

Claims for Regrading are now on the Increase


Implications of 15,000 Passive Smoking Award

Health and safety

Introduction and Use of New Technology

Information Technology

Moderate Relocation Deal in 27 Mile Transfer

Disturbance Compensation

The Committee: Its Uses and Misuses


The Decline in Trade Union Membership Continues

UK news
01/01/1993 Back to top

Human Resources The Job Application Form as a Recruitment Tool

Recruitment and Selection

More Claims for Trade Union Negotiation Rights

Trade Union Recognition

Shop Worker' Lay-Off Compensation Claim Fails

Lay-off and Short-time

When Suspensions give rise to Labour Disputes

Trade Disputes

When Trade Union Activity Leads to Dismissal - Part I, II and III

Dismissal, Trade Union - Membership

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