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19/12/2008 Back to top

Banning the display of religious symbols: is it discriminatory?

Dress/appearance code

IBEC welcomes move to relax pension rules

Human Resources

Labour Court cases relating to promotion and demotion


Payment of wages claims

Payment of wages

The importance of Skillnet to the software sector

Training and Development

The workplace investigation process – part two

Disciplinary Procedures
21/11/2008 Back to top

25 years of EOP - IBEC’s Export Orientation Programme

Training and Development

Disturbance compensation claims in the Labour Court

Disturbance Compensation

The workplace investigation process

Disciplinary Procedures

Trust and the employment relationship – an update


What constitutes a dismissal?

17/10/2008 Back to top

Disputes relating to reorganisation


Employee engagement – how to make it work for you

Employment Incentives

Fixed-term workers: an update

Contracts of Employment

HR summit covers the spectrum

Human resources

Unfair dismissals – recent cases

26/09/2008 Back to top

Cases relating to the Payment of Wages Act, 1991

Payment of wages

Discrimination through association – the ECJ judgement

Employment Equality

Disputes relating to promotion and demotion


Summary of the draft agreement on pay

National Agreements

Who’d be an employer in 2008?

21/08/2008 Back to top

Collective bargaining: a changing landscape

Industrial Relations

Evidence at the EAT – some ground rules for witnesses

EAT hearing

Parental and force majeure leave - FAQs

Parental leave and force majeure leave

Transfer of undertakings at the EAT

Transfer of Undertakings

Unfair dismissals and the Labour Court

18/07/2008 Back to top

Collective redundancies: the law and its obligations on employers


Frequently asked questions on redundancy


Outplacement services: supporting employees


Redundancies: breaking the news


Redundancy at the Employment Appeals Tribunal


Redundancy disputes at the Labour Court


Survivor syndrome in a downsized organisation

19/06/2008 Back to top

Employment ministers agree common rules on agency workers

Industrial Relations

Fixed-term workers at the Labour Court

Contracts of Employment

Gross misconduct cases in the EAT

Gross misconduct

Maternity leave: suggested clauses for your policy

Maternity leave

Passport stamps: what do they mean?

Work Practices

The law on employment references – part two

Recruitment and Selection

Work-life balance: a recent study

Family Friendly Policies
23/05/2008 Back to top

Constructive dismissal cases


Disputes concerning hours of work

Working Time

Labour markets and the challenges of globalisation


Live Register stabilised but redundancies up in April


Lower inflation provides welcome relief


Retaining your best employees

Reward and Recognition

The law on employment references – part one

Recruitment and Selection
25/04/2008 Back to top

Maternity issues at the EAT

Maternity leave

Maternity issues at the Labour Court

Maternity leave

Maternity leave: frequently asked questions

Maternity leave

Maternity leave: the best practice approach

Maternity leave

Maternity related claims

Maternity leave
27/03/2008 Back to top

Disputes relating to job performance


Employment injunctions: lessons for employers


Goodwill/ loyalty payments in a business takeover


How to measure people management


Inflation back up to 4.8% in February


Intoxicants: information update, March 2008

Drug testing
22/02/2008 Back to top

Accelerating downward trend in inflation welcome

Economic Trends

Agency workers have comprehensive protections

Work Practices

Pay moderation vital in upcoming pay talks

National Agreements

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007

Health and safety

Selection for redundancy


Sick-pay schemes should not encourage absenteeism

Sick Pay

Update on data protection law in the workplace

Data Access and Protection
24/01/2008 Back to top

Are there employment rights questions in your workplace?


Being strategic about human resources (HR)


Benchmarking report brings reality into public service pay


Disputes relating to minimum notice

Minimum Notice

Pay claims relating to national wage agreements

National Agreements

Right to privacy?

Data Access and Protection

Rise in number of males out of work


Workplace Safety Initiative: a unique partnership

Health and safety

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