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23/12/2010 Back to top

Transfer of undertakings at the EAT

Transfer of Undertakings
20/12/2010 Back to top

Loss of overtime cases at the Labour Court


Race related cases at the Equality Tribunal


Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual Harassment
26/11/2010 Back to top

Employers and social media – Part 2

Social media

Maternity linked gender cases at the Equality Tribunal


The role of procedures in dismissal cases

27/10/2010 Back to top

Compensation for overtime at the Labour Court


Employers and social media – Part 1

Social media

The approach of the Employment Appeals Tribunal to alcohol-related dismissal


The Rights Commissioner Service – an introductory guide

Rights Commissioners
24/09/2010 Back to top

Cases of dismissal at the Labour Court


Dealing with a case before the Equality Tribunal

Equality case

Employee status in the EAT

Employee status
26/08/2010 Back to top

Basic skills in the workplace - Making the case

Skill/Labour Shortages

Payment of wages claims at the Employment Appeals Tribunal

Payment of wages

Redundancy disputes at the Labour Court


Why should anyone be led by you? A review of this inspiring publication

23/07/2010 Back to top

Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010

Civil partnership
22/07/2010 Back to top

Cases of promotion and demotion at the Labour Court


Claims of unfair selection for redundancy at the EAT


Law reform in the new industrial relations landscape – Dealing with proposals to change Ireland’s established industrial relations mechanisms

Industrial Relations
21/06/2010 Back to top

Claims related to the organisation of working time at the Labour Court

Working Time

NERA and its inspection role


When the fact of dismissal is in dispute: cases at the EAT

27/05/2010 Back to top

How the Employment Appeals Tribunal has handled bullying and harassment cases


Part-time working – lessons from practice and case law

Part-time Workers

Rebuilding employee engagement and recognition practices

Employee engagement
17/05/2010 Back to top

Treatment of bullying and harassment complaints by the Labour Court

Bullying and harassment
28/04/2010 Back to top

Disputes about allowances at the Labour Court

23/04/2010 Back to top

Penalisation under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Health and Safety

Transfer of undertakings in the EAT

EAT hearing
22/04/2010 Back to top

Essential guide to reward and recognition

Reward and Recognition
19/03/2010 Back to top

How to negotiate a collective agreement at enterprise level

National Agreements
12/03/2010 Back to top

Labour Court approach to appeals under the Employment Equality Acts


Performance related dismissals at the EAT


Review of Rights Commissioners decisions in 2008

Rights Commissioners
22/02/2010 Back to top

When is a fixed-term contract not a fixed-term contract? Lessons from case law

Contracts of Employment
18/02/2010 Back to top

Dismissal for gross misconduct at the Employment Appeals Tribunal

Gross misconduct

How the Labour Court deals with working hours’ disputes

Working Time

Work-life balance

Work life balance
27/01/2010 Back to top

How the Labour Court has dealt with short-time and lay off

Short time/lay off

Legal concerns when an employee seeks to withdraw a resignation


Payment of wages claims at the Employment Appeals Tribunal

Payment of wages
26/01/2010 Back to top

Talent management and the role of the line manager

Training and Development

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