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12/12/2012 Back to top

Using CCTV in justifying dismissal: the procedural watch points

11/12/2012 Back to top

The Equality Tribunal and its approach to disability discrimination

14/11/2012 Back to top

Equality tribunal on eradicating racial harassment in the workplace

Equality case

How the Labour Court views the effects of tenure and fixed-term status

Contracts of Employment
17/10/2012 Back to top

Compensation for relocation at the Labour Court

Disturbance Compensation
17/09/2012 Back to top

Disputes concerning hours of work at the Labour Court

Working Time

Equality Tribunal’s approach to translating contracts for non-Irish employees

Equality case
21/08/2012 Back to top

Discriminatory dismissal at the Equality Tribunal


Gender and pregnancy cases at the Equality Tribunal

16/07/2012 Back to top

Cases of victimisation at the Equality Tribunal


Minimum notice claims at the Employment Appeals Tribunal

Minimum Notice
11/06/2012 Back to top

Cases at the Labour Court involving temporary lay-off

Short time/lay off

Transfer of Undertakings cases at the Employment Appeals Tribunal

Transfer of Undertakings
15/05/2012 Back to top

Managing the health and safety of pregnant employees

Leave - general
14/05/2012 Back to top

Sick Pay claims at the Labour Court

Sick Pay
16/04/2012 Back to top

Claims of discrimination in relation to access to employment or promotion


Gender pay - the illusion of progress

13/03/2012 Back to top

How the Labour Court handles changing shift patterns and premium

Shift Work
09/03/2012 Back to top

Constructive dismissal cases at the Employment Appeals Tribunal

13/02/2012 Back to top

Documentation in family status and pregnancy at the Equality Tribunal

Family status
23/01/2012 Back to top

Claims of disability at the Equality Tribunal


Unfair dismissal cases relating to absenteeism in the EAT


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